Hosted 3CX Phone System

Ultra fast hosted 3CX PBX powered by Enterprise VMware Technology

Latest Version of 3CX PBX

We only use the latest version of 3CX Phone System to ensure its fully supported and secure.

Secure Firewall

We always provide 3CX with a dedicated firewall seperating 3CX from the Internet to ensure maxinium security and in addition enables to to provide secire IPsec VPN Links to your office so Communications between 3CX and your phone is Encrypted and secured.

Multi Level Backups

For peace of mind not just for you but also us aswell we run multi-level backups.

We backup the whole server daily in addition to backing up the 3CX Configurations. Both backups are stored on seperate backup storages and replicated to a second data centre. This way we can always garantree getting your 3CX Configuration data in the event of a server hardware failure.

Fully Supported

With all our Hosted 3CX Services includes full support of the PBX, giving you peace of mind that we are here to help if you need any configuration changes.

Network Designed for Voice

We designed our network to be low latency to fully supprot VoIP. Our network fully supports T38 FAX

Deployment in less then 48 Hours

We can normally have you up and running in lettle as 48 hours. This includes the PBX Configured and phones on your desk.

VoIP SIP Trunks

We provide the SIP Trunks for 3CX from the same local network where 3CX will be hosted. This ensures low latacy and excellent call quality.

Telephone Numbers

We provide Telephone Numbers from our Ofcom allocaed number ranges which enables you to pick the number that is right for your business.